The Beginning

It all started in 1988 when one person from the clinical area and one from the business area got together to found a business that would combine their talents to provide professional education in the most advanced technology in the medical field. Experts were used to design and implement continuing education in the areas of Diagnostic Ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET, and digital radiography. This professional education quickly gained a excellent reputation and workshops and seminars at the corporate office in Houston found a large client base.

MEDRelief Staffing Gets Started

In 1995, at the requests of our educational clients, Advanced Health implemented a staffing division for allied health professionals. It was named MEDRelief Staffing. A nursing division was created in 2002 as the nursing service of TeamStaffRX was purchased by MEDRelief/Advanced Health Education Center. Our first nursing contract was with the Harris County Hospital District.

Our Client Base

MEDRelief Staffing has an extensive client base here in Houston and other parts of Texas. We also are a government contractor and are operating long term staffing contracts in Virginia and Maryland for the federal government. You will find the most prestigious medical facilities on our client list.

Our Compassionate Care clients are important to us as individuals and the staffing principles and philosophy remain the same for our elder care as well as our acute care patients.

Our Promise

Compassionate Care will provide excellent, quality in-home care for seniors that may be living in isolation, have a chronic condition, are in need of companionship, or require a reliable, trustworthy advocate. We will create a hospitable environment with caring people. Our staff will make a difference by providing compassion and care. We will serve the physical health and the emotional needs of the client and their family. We will go above and beyond the standard of care duties to make personal, long lasting connection and relationship with clients and the families.