About Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing

Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing offers unique personal care services to residents in Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Liberty, Galveston, Montgomery, and Waller counties. We believe that by employing competent and well-educated staff we can be your "go to" choice for personal care services. Our highly trained caregivers assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL'S) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IDL'S). These services include performing light housekeeping, planning and preparing meals, transportation to and from medical appointment, companionship, and running social errands. CCMRS caregivers promote exercise as well as healthy living habits. Our sole purpose is to ensure client satisfaction and safety always.

Our agency is licensed by the State of Texas and we are insured. Our services are private pay. We meet the regulations and guidelines for providing personal care services to clients in Texas.

Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing Partnership Benefits:
  • Ease of Use - The engagement of our services is based on your schedule and the extent of your needs. Our clients customize their service plan which allows for 2 hours of service to 24 hours a day and as little as 1 day per week up to 7 days a week.

  • Transitional Care - Our caregivers go where you go, whether that is in your home, in a hospital/rehab setting, or in an assisted living facility. We can ensure a comfortable transition with a caregiver who is knowledgeable of the tasks ahead. For example, when you are being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility, our caregivers can be there from discharge, through rehabilitation and until the client is able to function independently again.

  • Respite Care - Your service plan can be customized to utilize our caregivers for planned short term care and time limited breaks for family caregivers. Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver health and wellbeing, avoid or delay out-of-home placements, and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect. An outcome based evaluation pilot study showed that respite may also reduce the likelihood of divorce and help sustain marriages. [1]

  • Dementia Care/Memory Care - If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing can provide caregivers who are knowledgeable in Dementia and Alzheimer's memory care. CCMRS has developed and implemented in-services for our employees to assist specifically with Dementia and/or Alzheimer's. We also provide a specified care plan along with tips on caring for one with mild to advanced stages of Dementia.

  • Coping with Parkinson's - Our caregivers are able to recognize the variables and unpredictable nature of Parkinson's disease. By staying alert and offering help when it is needed, our caregivers can find the right balance between protecting the person with Parkinson's and encouraging independence.

  • Chronic Illnesses - Addressing chronic conditions require Compassionate Care to adopt new strategies to delay health deterioration, improve function, and address the problems that our clients confront in their day-to-day lives. 80% of older adults have one chronic condition, and 50% have at least two [2]. With this in mind, CCMRS believes in pairing experienced caregivers according and to the illnessneeds of the client.

1 ARCH National Respite Network & Resource Center. The ABC's of Respite accessed 25 April 2014.

2 http://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/publications/aag/pdf/2011/healthy_aging_aag_508.pdf